The Voxel Agents establish in Southbank, Melbourne

The Voxel Agents have arrived in Melbourne: operation objective? To create fun games that are easy to pick up, challenging to master and above all… supremely addictive! The Voxel Agents strive to make games that convert the unconverted, challenge those with a hard core, and leave a smile on everyone’s faces. Their quirky and innovative design approach makes for highly original and engaging games, and has players saying, “addictive gameplay”, “nuts” and “can’t stop playing”.

No strangers to the world of gaming, The Voxel Agents have an impressive record both individually and as a team. Having met whilst studying (double degrees in BCI (Comm Design)/ BIT) at QUT in Brisbane, Australia, they gained their first professional experience together, working on the Alternate Reality Game (ARG), “SCOOT” hosted by the Melbourne Museum. SCOOT is a project fusing real and virtual worlds, where players compete in teams using computer games, mobile phones and physical clues to complete a Melbourne-wide treasure hunt. Wildly successful since it’s inception in 2004, SCOOT has become an annual event, which still uses the QUT team’s original game ideology, and attracts hundreds of players each year.

The team finally crystalised after winning the annual game creation marathon, the “48hr Game Making Challenge”, for two years straight with their team SIF90 (where – yep, you guessed it – teams must create a complete game within 48 hours). Even Triple J radio wanted in on the action, covering their 2008 win for the game Melonauts on the Triple J Hack radio show. With mounting public interest in their consecutive winning games “Sticky Geckos” and “Melonauts”, the team decided to branch out, to further develop what was clearly becoming a winning formula, as professional independents.

The three founding Voxel Agents based in Melbourne are Simon Joslin, Thomas Killen, and Matthew Clark. Simon previously worked as a game designer at Halfbrick Studios (Avatar: Into The Inferno – NDS). Thomas Killen created innovative online narratives while at Hoodlum Interactive (Lost ARG – web). Matthew Clark worked on top level games for the Nintendo Wii at Pandemic Studios Brisbane.

SOURCE: The Voxel Agents.
WEB SITE: www.thevoxelagents.com
Date: 9th April 2009.

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The Voxel AgentsThe Voxel Agents

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[…] Funded by the projects support organisations. For every SCOOT iteration that resulted in a major SCOOT Event, there was a team of four to six collaborators that filled lead roles in the areas of programming, animation, illustration, web development, event coordination. I first encountered the core crew members during the first SCOOT event experiment hosted at the Queensland University of Technology. They were all students competing as the first SCOOT players. Some of them approached me in person or by email asking to be involved in the making of any future SCOOT events.  I subsequently recruited them as student collaborators on the following SCOOT Events. I arranged with the university administrators to offer students academic credit in return for the work they did on the SCOOT project. Once these students had graduated, they were funded as core contributors on all of the following SCOOT events and a few of them continue to work together on various independent projects and research projects at the University. Another three of the core crew formed there own independent game company and now produce award winning iphone games similar to the games they produced for SCOOT: http://www.thevoxelagents.com/2009/04/the-voxel-agents-establish-in-southbank-melbourne/ […]

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