The Voxel Agents release Agent Duski: Dolphin Hero for iPhone and iPod touch.

Melbourne independent game trio, The Voxel Agents, today released their first title, “Agent Duski: Dolphin Hero”.  This imaginative and enjoyable title for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the first official mark on the Indie games map for the creative team.

Set in a city flooded by a rampaging monster, where citizens are leaping from buildings into the rising waters, you must help Agent Duski the Dolphin Hero save the drowning victims and return them to safety aboard the party boat.

Use your finger to make Duski swim, flip and jump to collect either purple or aqua humans – but beware of the giant Puffer Fish that are floating downtown, who can topple your load of rescued humans and seriously set back your mission!

Dolphin Hero requires your most creative management and planning skills, as well as the ability to respond quickly to emergencies. Rescue multiple victims at once for high score multipliers (and grab some “awesome cakes” on the way to the boat to boost your score!).

As more and more terrified humans take to the water, it’ll take all you’ve got to get everyone back on board the party boat. As the pace of the game builds you’ll soon find the drowning people aren’t the only ones in deep water…

SOURCE: The Voxel Agents.
WEB SITE: www.thevoxelagents.com
Date: 7th July 2009.

Press Pack – Downloads

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Press Release Text

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Dolphin Hero trailer

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