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Dolphin Hero Tactics – Getting High Scores

Swimming with Agent Duski the Dolphin Hero is a whole lot of fun regardless of how you play, but if you like maximizing your score and challenging the best secret agents in the world, this post is for you!

Can you master all of the Dolphin Hero tactics?

  1. Collect multiple people of the same color at once to get bigger combo scores
  2. Watch the arrows at the top of the screen for clues of what is coming
  3. Each person on your back is worth another 100 points when you eat cake
  4. Drop the victims at the party boat at the last minute – new ones could drop at any moment allowing you to get a bigger combo score
  5. When you’re in trouble, drop people quickly by swimming through a pufferfish. Use this method to drop one color to pick up the other.
  6. *ADVANCED TACTIC!* Try juggling two groups of blue and pink by ‘swapping on the puffer’.
  7. *ADVANCED TACTIC!* Swim through a pufferfish from above to release the people further up in the water, allowing more time to collect them later.

We’d love to hear other tactics that you discover and come up with… post them in the comments below!

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