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Achievements and high scores in the new Dolphin Hero update!

Check out the new Dolphin Hero update now available on the App Store!

Dolphin Hero - looks great and plays better.

The new update comes with a score of features and tweaks:

  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, and AGON for international score-posting. We integrated the AGON Online Social Platform and you can now pit your skills against your friends, people locally and the world!
  • There are 15 in-game achievements to be found! Each one you collect increases your AGON PocketScore. We have had very good experiences with AGON and hope that many more games join the trend, allowing you to continue raising your PocketScore in many more games too.
  • Drastically improved graphics! We improved the rendering so that the graphics are now crystal clear. It was a simple change, but it made a huge difference.
  • Advanced tactics for collecting massive scores!!! There are many tactics, from simple to advanced, that you can employ to get higher scores. Read up on them on our previous post about Dolphin Hero tactics.
  • More intense action for experienced pro’s. The game starts easy and adjusts to your ability, so its non-stop fun the whole way through.
  • Although the graphics are improved, we managed to keep good control over the performance and framerate and the game nows runs more consistently.
15 Dolphin Hero Achievements to collect - increase your PocketScore

15 Dolphin Hero Achievements to collect - increase your PocketScore

Many of the new features and tweaks we’re inspired by suggestions and comments given by the community. We really appreciate everyone’s feedback and the game has improved drastically with each update. If people continue to talk about Dolphin Hero we’ll continue to make it better! Thank you everyone.

And Dolphin Hero is still less than a dollar!! Just 99 cents in America, $1.19 in Australia and less than a pound in the UK! (Other countries vary). BUY IT NOW – JUST 99 CENTS!.

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