Train Conductor Delivers; Australia’s #2 Strategy Game Will Drop to $1.19 for One Week Only (Starting 20th Jan)!

Train Conductor is taking the world by steam, instantly hitting the top #100 of All Games in 24 Countries. Already a huge hit in it’s native Australia; The Voxel Agents are celebrating by further slashing the prices internationally in support of Australia Day.

Train Conductor has become a resounding success in the three short weeks since launch, hitting the Top 25 Strategy Games in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China and many more.

It’s not just another line-drawing game: Train Conductor introduces fast-paced gameplay, a parallel ghost world, rich scoring and highly polished style. It is rapidly gaining player popularity and critical acclaim. DIYgamer have named Train Conductor the ‘Best iPhone Game of 2009’!

  • “Train Conductor is the best offering in the App Store right now.”
    Daniel Uhm – nodpad.com
  • “Mark my words, Train Conductor will become an instant classic. Unmistakably addictive and delicately designed. It breathes excellence in every aspect.”
    Arsen Nazaryan – diygamer.com
  • “The design is simply brilliant.”
    Aldrin Calimlim – whatsoniphone.com

Players rave about its gorgeous graphics and extremely addictive gameplay.

  • “This game just oozes quality and attention to detail, and it’s stupidly fun!”,
  • “A simple, extraordinarily addictive, charasmatic, beautifully-designed game that surpasses it’s expectations on every level. Buy it as soon as possible.”,
  • “The gameplay is simple to grasp and insanely fun!”

Train Conductor starts simple – route trains to their numbered tracks whilst avoiding collisions – but unique challenges appear in each of the eight unique levels, including long-haul Gold Rush Trains, broken tracks and an entire parallel ghost world where trains don’t crash.

You’ll be hooked the very first time you unlock a new city, and the fun continues when you revisit completed cities to set high-scores. Whether you’re trying to beat your personal best, or reach the top of the leaderboards, Train Conductor delivers.

In celebration of the Australia Day Holiday, The Voxel Agents will reduce Train Conductor to $1.19 ($0.99 US) for an entire week between the 20th and 26th of January 2010!

SOURCE: The Voxel Agents
WEBSITE: www.thevoxelagents.com/trainconductor
DATE: 13th January 2010

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