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Train Conductor USA

Train Conductor is coming to the USA!

Everybody has been waiting for us to add new cities, and we’re finally ready to announce which ones. Get ready for a big suprise, because we are definitely adding new cities, but they belong to a whole new continent!

In this latest sneak-peak video you can see footage of two fantastic locations.

Build bridges over the Grand Canyon

Build bridges over the Grand Canyon

In the Grand Canyon players will have to build bridges to connect trains across the gap. This unique new gameplay will challenge your train management skills. You only get one opportunity to get each bridge right, so don’t mess it up!

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

In the future we’ll be announcing details of the hotly awaited survival mode, as well as posting details of new cities and funky new gameplay!

If you have any suggestions for which US cities you’d like to see first, be sure to let us know. Leave a comment, or tweet about it!

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