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What’s New in the Android version of TC2: USA

We’re proud to announce that Train Conductor 2: USA is finally available for android phones! Launched in early december, the new Android version is double the size with twice the content of the iOS version. We’ve spent many months creating cool new unique content for this release. It’s the biggest update to the Train Conductor series that we’ve ever attempted. So what’s new?

Challenge Mode

Stopped Train Timer

Stopped Train Timer

The existing survival mode feels like you’re running a marathon compared to the fast paced, action packed new Challenge Mode. In Challenge you’ve got to deliver as many trains as you can in about 2 minutes. One thing we noticed about the old survival mode is that you can draw out the experience by stopping lots of trains and dealing with one a time. This is fine, and we’re leaving survival mode as it is so you can continue to play that way, but in Challenge Mode if you leave a train waiting for too long, it will signal to the train network that there’s a delay and all new trains will stop from entering the screen. This keeps it fast paced and rewards players who can “Enter the Matrix” of Train Conducting with finest of crash-avoidance skills.

If challenge mode sounds stressful to you – don’t panic! You can toy around and make mistakes without stress as you’ve now got three lives up your sleeve in Challenge Mode. We all love the new three-lives feature, and in the later challenge levels, you’ll need it!

Three Strikes

Three Strikes

Updated Game Icon

If you look at all the best icons, they feature just one element and look very clear when miniaturised. Finally I think we have a very distinctive and clear icon to represent the game, also it looks HAWT 😀

Updated Game Icon

Updated Game Icon - worthy of your home screen

New location: Chicago – the six track demon

Like Challenge Mode, Chicago is not for the fainted hearted. Players have always asked for six tracks, and here it is – it’s a demon!

During the course of a typical day on a busy city train network, there will be peaks and troughs in the flow of trains as commuters pour into the city in the morning and out again in the evening. Agent Henrik and I were trying to recreate these peak times of the train network in this new design.

We found that six tracks is at the EXTREME limit of human train conducting abilities 😀 Seven was out of control, to the point where it’s hard to target the right track because they were so close together, whilst also being hard to find the right track instinctively without having to count down from the top every time. So this is it, the maximum number of tracks we’ll ever put in a level.

Control trains across 6 tracks in Chicago

Control trains across 6 tracks in Chicago

Android Exclusive: New Train Droid gives extra points

This Android character is one cute little robot. We couldn’t resist putting her into the game. You’ll find Train Droid in Challenge Mode levels, but she can’t be everywhere at once – so keep an eye out for which level she’s in each day.

The new Droid Train

Droid Train appears in a different challenge mode each day.

Deliver Gold Trains to unlock Challenge Mode

The new Gold Train

The new Gold Train

Existing players of TC2 are thinking, “Gold Trains? They already exist!”, but what I mean is Double Awesome Super Special Gold Train, it’s just a bit long of a name. In this update there’s a new “golder” train, maybe its 24 carats? In all levels except Miami, you can deliver Gold Trains (or Gold Ghosts at night) to collect Gold Tracks, and with enough Gold Tracks you’ll unlock Challenge Mode of that level.

The Gold Trains are rare, and boy when one appears, you do not want to stuff that up!

New Nashville level art and special FX

Previously we redid the Miami art because it just wasn’t up to standard, now Nashville has also had a make over too!

We’ve also updated the colours on the ghosts. Previously, the ghosts and demons were similarly coloured (i.e. white), and users were smart to complain. It most adversely affected the Nashville level, and you can see the results of Agent Tian’s touches.

The new Nashville

The new nashville is much brighter.

Improved score screen

We always felt that the score screen didn’t really reflect your excitement each time you beat your high score – it didn’t erupt with awesome like a cream filled awesome cake. Hopefully now when you break that high score, you’ll feel like a king. We’ve also added some great feedback in-game for when you deliver that trains that puts you in the record books. But you’ll just have to play it for your-self to experience it.

New High Score!

New High Score!

Keen conductors will notice that we’ve also brought the score screen over the level. This means it takes less time for you to hit the ‘retry’ button. Some players are playing levels hundreds of times over in one session and we don’t want to waste their time jumping between screens.

Improved “Level Unlocked” Screen

Unlock a new level and be showered in awesome 😀

Just unlocked Challenge Mode!

Just unlocked Challenge Mode!

New Level Select Screen

The previous level select screen was entirely superfluous once you’d played the introduction. It really didn’t do much for you. Although I don’t think the new design is without it’s own flaws, you now have access to both modes (an unavoidable decision making step) and the introduction button is appropriately de-emphasised. Also, you don’t have to jump into a level to see the leaderboards anymore, it’s right there on the next screen.

Shiny new Level Select screen

Shiny new Level Select screen

Lite Version

Not to be forgotten. we created a whole new Lite Version that will bring the game to a wider audience. If you’re not sure if you will like connecting trains, test out the Lite Version and see what you think. It’s got the first three locations there and will keep you busy for hours. Almost all of the changes above are in there, with the exception of Challenge Mode.

Train Conductor 2 Lite

Get Train Conductor 2 Lite Today

And more!

  • Sparkles and Fireworks – New celebration for players who beat their high-score
    • When you beat your high score, you want to know about that in-game, not just at the end. Break a high score and you’ll see it, hear it, and feel it.
  • Menu backgrounds and buttons are more pretty
    • Simply, we let Agent Tian loose on the graphics, and she worked her magic.
  • Added a screen to let you know that “You finished the game!”
    • It just seemed odd that you spent so long unlocking levels, and then suddenly there were no more to unlock. At least you can feel good now that you’ve unlocked every location! (and now go collect Challenge Mode levels :D)
  • We made the sound effect and music mute buttons bigger.
  • Tutorials are shorter and more to the point.
  • All buttons are now blue.
    • This helps show what you can click, and what you can’t. There are a few minor exceptions, but the major pathways through the game are cleaned up.
  • Twitter and Facebook integration have been rewritten to improve the login and posting processes.
  • The pacing of the trains appearing in Miami has been made more interesting, less repetitive and more friendly to new users.
  • The fonts in-game throughout the HUD, menus and in-game are more consistent.
  • Numerous graphical elements were upgraded to HD.
  • Improved the induction process of welcoming the player to the game.
  • Bug fixes galore.

And this is just the latest in a long history of improvements…

This is the sixth major update to TC2. Here’s what’s been added in the past:

  • v1.5 – Massive “high definition” update, prepared the game for iPad’s big display.
  • v2.0 – Added world and friend leaderboards
  • v2.1 – Added a new level: Roswell
  • v2.2 – Added a new level: Seattle
  • v2.6 – Update for Retina Display, including the new Miami art.
  • v3.0 – Everything mentioned above!
Get it right now on the android market! (iOS users will just have to wait)
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6 Comments for What’s New in the Android version of TC2: USA

Roger | December 21, 2011 at 1:28 pm

I play the game a lot – even paid for it 🙂 Mostly on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

However I am one of those people who do not Facebook or Twitter by choice and it is somewhat annoying having that stuff repeatedly stuffed in my face since I will never use it.

As a computer science guy I think what you did is express an NP complete problem in game form. For some reason such problems are addictive to the human brain. You could use the Wikipedia list of such problems as ideas for new games!

Agent HQ | December 21, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Hey Roger,

Thanks for the feedback! You don’t need to sign up to Facebook or twitter to play the game, they are just there for additional functionality for Facebook and Twitter users.

I’ll check out some more NP complete problems, that’s a cool idea.


Roger | December 21, 2011 at 1:57 pm

I know I don’t need to sign in 🙂 My complaint is that the Facebook/Twitter and similar items are all over the place. They take up a lot of screen real estate and are constantly presented to me. I will never use them.

Phil Pearce | December 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

Ok when is this new version is going to be available for the iPhone & iPad?

Agent Matt

Agent Matt | December 22, 2011 at 8:50 am

Hey Phil,

Stay tuned! We’ll be bringing all the new features over to iOS in the new year.

– Matt

Tarwin Stroh-Spijer | December 22, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Looking awesome guys. Can’t wait for your next game!

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