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Introducing our latest Full-Time member – Agent Sam

Agent Sam is a mad-keen programmer who was actually one of the very first Voxel Agents. He started with us waaaay back in 2009 doing 1-2 days a week – which was as much as his university schedule would allow.

Tom Simon Tian Matt Henrik Sam

When Sam started, we were just winding up on the original Train Conductor, and starting to prototype new ideas.  Sam got straight to work on an awesome shooter game that we were calling Thumb-Shooter.  The premise was simple – your thumbs control massive guns, and you fly through the galaxy shooting stuff up.

Dual thumb shooter concept idea

Dual thumb shooter concept idea

The concept didn’t really take off. It seems obvious now – but apparently trying to fit 2 fat thumbs on an iPhone screen, as well as a whole screen full of stuff that you want to shoot is pretty tricky, and your thumbs tend to get in the way of each other.

I’ll let Sam introduce himself in another blog post – but for now Welcome Aboard! Now that we have 3 programmers on the team, maybe I can join the art department! (Just kidding)

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