History of the Time Project – Chapter Two: Time Trackers

*The vellum pages turn*

In just 14 hours, the game became something else, something more…

(I don’t know why I’m going with this dusty book motif, but hey, I am!)

Sometimes, writing is super hard. Sometimes it helps to just speed through and don’t think too much about what you’re writing. Other times, it’s fun to have write-ins with your fellow writerly peeps. National Novel Writing Month comes to mind. I haven’t done this challenge yet but I imagine the game development equivalent is something like…

…The 48 Hour Game Making Challenge held at the ACMI in Melbourne, that birthed the next iteration of the Time Project! 

Henrik and other Voxel Agents took to a public space and actually only needed 14 hours to take the Time Project to the next level. Here is what the set-up looked like:


I get to live this every week, watching fellow creatives make games is interesting, each have their own idiosyncrasies and I look for them when I watch the time lapse video.  I like watching Henrik’s headphones go on and off, as well as his hair becomes messier, haha! 

One of the cool things about the Game Making Challenge was the general public could watch, ask questions and offer ideas about the project. The team were keen on making the most of the experience and set-up computers for people to wander into the ‘studio’ and make sound effects for the game. They also gave ideas about the name for the game and contributed to the artwork (very cool!).

The team crammed and crunched.


They blogged live from the event. 

And, behold…

Time Trackers was born!


Is pretty, yes? 

Definitely still has a diorama, fairy-tale pop-up feel! 

Crammin’ and crunch’ certainly has it’s benefits. I feel for me, doing this on a second draft (much like the team has done here) would work better. I’d have a good idea of the basic concept and overall story, then I could focus on re-hashing and finessing some elements of the story that wasn’t quite working. 

In Time Trackers, there is definitely a marked improvement in the way the observational puzzles come together. 

See what you think 🙂  It’s completely playable right now! (with some installing of the Unity web player)  Or it’s in iTunes! 

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