Intro Post: My adventures with time

*The ranger enters the tavern and finds a table close to a window where she can watch the storm come in from the West…*


Hello, I’m Brooke, and I owe a lot to role playing games and video games for my love of writing. All those hours spent with friends writing character bios and posts were a blast and they were also making me a better writer.

Ever since Full Throttle, Sam & Max and Vampire The Masquerade *swoon* I’ve wanted to do it since I was a kid. I used to tell my sister stories with the SNES Mario Paint with Mouse, with bad illustrations (I made character sprites with the stamp tool).

Last year, I was offered the chance to be the writer on a Voxel Agents project, a new adventure puzzle game for iOS. I was pretty excited and I hoped that I would be good enough.  It’s called The Time Project, because there is no official title yet (titles are so hard…).

I’ve been writing lots for the game already and I think we have a good story going but there is more to do! I’ve settled in with the team (they’re ridiculously friendly and talented bunch of people), and there’s lots going on in the office.

A few weeks ago, I asked the team (Henrik, Jon and Maya) if they’d be cool with me keeping a journal of our adventures with The Time Project. I’m interested in how other people make things, what their creative process is like, and I hope someone finds this interesting, helpful, entertaining, or at least something different and fun on their dashboard. 😀

Stay with me as I get the .gif etiquette right. Give me a hand if I stuff it up 😀

In the words of Patsy Stone: Cheers, thanks a lot!

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