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The Voxels Agents create delightful games that unravel in surprising ways. Headquartered in Melbourne, the studio was founded in 2009 by Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark and Tom Killen to create games that kindle curiosity with a passion for highly focused gameplay.

Among their accolades the studio and its games have been awarded for “Best Mobile Game”. “Best Game Audio”, and “Best New Business 2010” among others. The Voxel Agents first established their success with the release of Train Conductor and followed with Train Conductor 2 USA and Puzzle Retreat, with over 7 million global players enjoying the Train Conductor franchise. The team is set to release the highly anticipated title Time Project (working title) in late 2016, and Train Conductor World releasing March 3rd 2016.

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The Voxel Agents Team – February 2016

Early Voxel History

IGF China Best Mobile Game 2010

Freeplay Award Best Game Audio

The Voxel Agents began in early 2009 when three friends and game developers, Simon Joslin, Tom Killen, and Matthew Clark, joined forces to exercise their passion for highly polished and fun gameplay. The three founders had studied together at Queensland University of Technology and won consecutively the 2007 and 2008 “48 Hour Game Making Challenge” before knowing they were onto something.

The original Train Conductor (“iPhone Game of the Year 2009”) launched The Voxel Agents to success by being repeatedly featured by Apple and listed as a “Highly Addictive Game” on the App Store. At the 2010 Freeplay awards it was nominated for “Best Game Design” and it won the “Best Game Audio” award. Train Conductor 2: USA continued the success by winning the “Best Mobile Game” award at the Independent Games Festival of 2010 in Shanghai, and it has had more than 700k paid downloads.

In their second year, The Voxel Agents picked up “Best New Business 2010” in the National NEIS Business Awards, “Startup / Rookie of the Year” at the MoMoMelbourne business awards night, and the “Tim Richards Award of 2010”

2013 saw the continuation of their success with the release of their sophomore title Puzzle Retreat. It immediately gathered 1.2 Million downloads in it’s first month, and players are raving about it with an average of 4.5 stars on both the App Store and Google Play. from Film Victoria.

NEIS National Best New Business Award 2010

MoMo Melbourne “Startup of 2010” Award

48Hr Game Challenge Winner 2007 & ’08

The Voxel Agents circa 2011. Left to right: Yangtian Li, Henrik Pettersson, Matt Clark, Tom Killen, Simon Joslin

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