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In April last year, we celebrated our anniversary by going green. We purchased carbon offsets to neutralise our carbon footprint as a company. Now that we just passed our second anniversary, we’ve done it again and are carbon neutral once again! 

We calculated that over the past year our small team generated about 25 tonnes of CO2 emissions – which is equivalent to almost 150 trees. This sounds like a small forest to us so we’ve enthusiastically decided to once again support Greenfleet in their mission to offset carbon emissions in Australia.

So we’ve done it again. We’ve purchased 25 tonnes of CO2 offsets to negate the environmental impact of our business over the past year. Two years in business, and zero carbon impact with the bonus that there are now more trees in the world!

If you want to support Greenfleet, head on over to http://www.greenfleet.com.au/ and find out how much carbon your business or lifestyle produces and consider purchasing carbon offsets. It’s a good thing to do.

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Simon Joslin, Matt Clark, and Tom Killen are pleased as punch to let everyone know that our company is now one year old! Just twelve quick months ago we (perhaps naively :P) pledged to give up our day jobs and take the plunge. We decided to go indie.

We couldn’t have made it this far without fantastic support from our friends, the gaming community, and help from the Victorian Government and Industry, particularly Multimedia Victoria and the Game Developers Association of Australia.

To celebrate our birthday, we have taken the decision to go Green. We have calculated the amount of carbon we produced over the past year and we are offsetting that by purchasing carbon offsets from Greenfleet.

The Voxel Agents’ take our responsibility for the protection of the environment and the sustainability of its business very seriously. To help us in the fight against climate change we have partnered with Greenfleet. Greenfleet is the first not-for-profit forestry organisation in Australia to become an Approved Abatement Provider under the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™ initiative.

Greenfleet.com.au Carbon Offsets

At the next Melbourne IGDA meetup (7pm Tuesday, 13th April at The Embassy), Agent Simon will be conducting a detailed discussion about our experience so far which will be of interest to everyone in the games industry, and particularly those who are contemplating going indie themselves. For those unable to attend the talk on 13th, we will make all the notes and slides available on our blog so that you don’t miss out.

Thanks for your support over the past year. A big thanks to Derek Pritchard, Logan Dowell, Jarrod Anderson, Joe Gatling, Joel Joslin, Sam Wong, Rob MacBride and of course, thank you Mr Steve Jobs.

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