Connect steam trains over the famous Grand Canyon gorge

Sort the pink and green ghost trains before they get caught by Hector "The Fare Evader"!

Destroy the Snow Monsters obstructing the tracks in the chilly Seattle mountains

Control the Metromovers on skyrails on Miami's beaches

Nine locations Play on tablets and smartphones
Survival and Challenge Modes Multiple player accounts
Unlock unique train types Share your success on Facebook
World leaderboards Post high scores to Twitter

Train Conductor 2: USA was created by The Voxel Agents

Jarrod Anderson, Matt Clark, Joel Joslin, Simon Joslin, Ryan Keable, Tom Killen, Luke Kopycinski, Yangtian Li, Rob MacBride, Ross Palmer, Henrik Pettersson, Derek Pritchard, Tom Strang, Sam Wong

Special Thanks to our BETA testers

Damon Lewis, Rebecca Fernandez, Chad Toprak, Sam Turner, Simone Macrae & Aaron Charcoal Styles